We created Gym Bunnies to be different

Womens gym wear subscription boxes

About gym bunnies gym wear

Gym Bunnies Gym Wear was founded in 2020 in Ireland by me, Kerrie . I had a clear vision when I came up with the idea, affordable gym wear for everyone. And what better way to do this, than a monthly subscription to keep your wardrobe looking fresh and you feeling great.

Gym Bunnies Gym Wear came alive when I tried to find some gym clothes online and found that all the websites I went to were completely overpriced. So that made me think, how much do woman’s gym wear really cost before these big greedy corporate companies stick there inflated mark up on the products. I was shocked at what I discovered and decided to do something about it.

The idea that everyone can either wear the Gym Bunnies Gym Wear brand for a sports activity or for simply lounging about or going to the shops. The affordable and comfy sets make you feel like you are wearing something a fairy designed.
With some of the sets incorporating a pocket in the leggings, this designed insures you have a stress- free workout knowing your phone or keys are completely safe by your side. I believe that everyone deserves to look great and I’m sure you agree with me. That’s why I created Gym Bunnies Gym Wear, a brand for everyone.

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