We created Gym Bunnies to be different from other companies.

Our Giving Goal

Animal rescue, safety, care, treatment you name it we are all for it. One of the reasons we created Gym Bunnies was too help contribute towards animals and their well being.

Why we started the campaign

We want to do our part to help animals in need. Many animals across the world have loving family and homes that take care of them daily. Unfortunately their are many animals out their that do not receive the same treatment. If we can do our small part and contribute in any way, we will.

How we help

We work with local organisations, charities, rescue centres and more to help provide essentials they may need. Whether its treats, toys, finances, food we will help make these loving animals lives a little better.

We are constantly on the lookout for partners who would like our help. If you know of any charity, rescue centres or organisations that could do with a little contribution then please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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